Geology walks led by Paul Gannon Spring 2018

These one-day walks are intended for hillwalkers and mountain leaders/instructors who want to learn something about the geology and scenery of the popular mountain areas. No previous knowledge of geology is necessary. The walks take place on and off tracks on rough ground in Snowdonia and involve up to 500m of ascent/descent.

Discover the amazing story of the volcanoes, mountain-building and glaciation that produced the landscapes of Snowdonia and Lakeland.

The walks are led by Paul Gannon, author of the Rock Trails series of guidebooks to the geology and scenery of Snowdonia, the Lake District and other classic hillwalking areas in Britain.

Geology of Snowdonia (Llanberis Pass, Snowdon)

Saturday 18th August (10am to 4pm)

cost £30 per person

The walk will start at Pen y Pass, at the head of the Llanberis Pass, and walk off road to Nant Peris. The Llanberis Pass is a stunning location with the great hills of the Snowdon and Glyderau massifs rearing up on either side of the route. The Pass itself is an ancient fault line, in part the boundary of the great Snowdon caldera, and a spectacular example of a U-shaped glacial valley. There are plenty of different rock types to be seen including air fall tuffs, intruded dolerite, welded tuffs, sedimentary rocks with fossils, breccias, flow-banded intrusive rhyolite and lava flows. Also there is a wealth of geological features, including a slice through a volcanic conduit that once carried molten magma towards the surface, and glacial features including hanging valleys, moraines, truncated spurs, 'erratic' boulders dumped by the melting glacier and post-glacial rockfalls. The range of geological and glacial examples encountered over such a comparatively short distance is exceptional and makes the Llanberis Pass one of the most exciting geological walks in Britain, framed throughout by glorious scenery.

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